Shifting Focus from Sickness to Wellness


My name is Eseza Nambassi, a medical doctor by training. I am passionate about true health and enjoy exploring ways to shift focus from sickness to wellness. My greatest desire is to guide the youth into a life of health, happiness, and vitality by sharing the fundamentals of optimal health – good nutrition, the value of exercise, ways to manage stress, awareness of the environment, adequate sleep, the importance of sunshine and the value of wholesome interpersonal relationships. The world is ready and waiting to welcome all those willing to be Simply Healthier!


Dr Eseza Okunga-Nambassi graduated from Makerere University Medical School in 1985. She has always been passionate about nutrition, wellness, and ways to preserve the environment. 30 years ago such issues were not yet fashionable, so clearly she was ahead of her time. She chose to go into the HIV field, after realizing the impact HIV would have on individuals and families. Dr. Nambassi’s mission is to shift focus from sickness to Wellness, from poverty to Prosperity. Her medical education and understanding of the role of nutrition in disease prevention have motivated her to want to share the message of wellness and prosperity.